CoolSculpting arms
CoolSculpting arms

How Many CoolSculpting Arms Sessions Do I Need?

You’re not alone if you’re dealing with unwanted arm fat (sometimes called bat wings or bingo wings). The upper arms are very common stubborn areas for men and women alike. It can lower confidence, leaving people feeling like they need to cover up. Sometimes, you might even wear long sleeves in the middle of summer or avoid pool days to stay indoors. 

If this situation sounds all too familiar, don’t worry. CoolSculpting is a renowned method for eliminating stubborn fat that persists despite diet and exercise. The best part? It’s a noninvasive, swift procedure that delivers long-lasting results. And the more treatments you receive, the more these results compound, bringing you closer to your body goals.

So, how many upper arm CoolSculpting sessions should you schedule? Let’s go through it.

How CoolSculping for Upper Arms Works

The upper arms are known for collecting stubborn fat bulges due to genetics, age, and even hormones. Due to the biology of fat deposits, upper arm fat is hard to reduce on your own. And DIY CoolSculpting is neither safe nor necessarily effective. 

CoolSculpting arms is possible due to the advanced cooling science known as Cryolipolysis. Two Harvard scientists developed this science by observing a rare phenomenon in children who sucked on cold popsicles and developed dimples on their cheeks. With time and precision, the scientists created Cryolipolysis and the most popular non-invasive fat reduction method, CoolSculpting.

How Many CoolSculpting Upper Arm Treatments Are Necessary?

The idea with CoolSculpting sessions is that they are based on your individual goals. That means the number of treatments you need depends entirely on how much fat you want to remove. It’s important to remember that CoolSculpting is not meant to be a weight loss solution but to help contour and slim stubborn areas. See for yourself in these CoolSculpting before and after images!

Most patients need anywhere from one to three treatments to reach their goals. Mild-to-moderate amounts of fat can often be treated with one session. Greater amounts of fat or wanting to treat more than one area of the body require multiple appointments.

What to Expect with CoolSculpting Arms Treatments

During the CoolSculpting arms treatment, the upper arms are exposed to a calibrated cooling within the CoolPetite applicator. The temperatures will not freeze or damage the skin. However, it will freeze the fat cells below the skin’s surface, causing the fat cell’s membrane to rupture. 

Once it ruptures, the cell can no longer store fat. Unable to do its job, the fat cell dies and processes out of the body through lymphatic drainage. CoolSculpting provides natural, long-lasting fat reduction because once the fat cells exit the body, they cannot regrow.

How the CoolSculpting Arm Applicator Reaches Difficult Spots

The CoolPetite is one of the latest CoolSculpting applicators in the CoolAdvantage collection. This line of tools helps reduce treatment time to 35 minutes, minimizes any treatment discomfort, and treats more problematic body areas, like the upper arms. The applicator follows the curve of the arm to target and treat unwanted fat accurately.

CoolPetite Professional Reviews

Mark Foley, President and Chief Executive Officer of ZELTIQ introduced the CoolPetite, saying, “After five years of research and millions of dollars invested in development, we are proud to be the only non-invasive fat reduction technology that is FDA-cleared to treat the upper arms, the third greatest area of concern for consumers.” Even celebrities love CoolSculpting!

Jean Carruthers, a principal investigator for the new line of applicators, also explains, “The upper arm, with its delicate structures, is one of the most challenging areas for fat reduction.” Carruthers, who was involved in the research, says he can personally “attest to the fact that the upper arms responded beautifully, and my study patients are delighted by their results.”

Arm Fat Freezing Helps You Reach Body Contouring Goals

If you are tired of struggling with embarrassing upper arm jiggling and want to learn more about CoolSculpting in Philadelphia, contact KP Aesthetics. You can schedule a free consultation to learn everything you need about fat freezing and whether this treatment is right for you. It’s the ideal treatment to boost confidence without surgery or downtime. Let’s find out if you’re a good candidate! 

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