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New Year, New You? With Body Contouring Treatments at KP Aesthetics, It’s Never Been More Possible!

While the holiday season is just beginning, and you most likely have a calendar full of family gatherings and social events to attend, it is not too early to start thinking about your New Year’s resolution.  It is not too early to start planning the changes you want to make in your life. In fact, […]

Celebrate Great Skin Care This Holiday Season with KP Aesthetics!

As another holiday season draws closer by the day, we have so much to celebrate here at KP Aesthetics! For starters, we are incredibly excited to mark our first anniversary here in our new, larger space as we continue to provide CoolSculpting® body treatments in Chester County and the surrounding areas.  In that year, we’re […]

Celebrate Halloween with a Vampire Facial at KP Aesthetics!

’Tis the season for spooky decorations and disguising ourselves behind elaborate masks and makeup. But at KP Aesthetics, we’re getting into the Halloween spirit by helping clients reveal their true natural beauty. In addition to our renowned CoolSculpting® treatments for clients in Newtown Square, PA, and the surrounding region, we’re excited to offer the Vampire […]

How to Reap the Rewards of “ReMembership” at KP Aesthetics

Summer has officially ended, but the quest for your best beach-worthy body never really ends. If you’ve been thinking about visiting our Newtown Square, PA, location for a transformative CoolSculpting® stomach treatment, but you’ve held yourself back because you’re concerned about your budget, we’ve got some great news! Saving money on our innovative, highly effective […]

Need A Boost? Try IV Vitamin Injection Therapy by KP Aesthetics

Have you ever woken up in the morning, feeling worn out and tired? Has stress and discomfort at work been getting to you? If you answered, “yes” to either of those questions, or you feel like you could use a boost of energy, nutrition, or immunity, you could be an excellent candidate for IV Vitamin […]

Zap Unwanted Hair Away with Laser Hair Removal

If you’re concerned about unwanted body hair, maybe you’ve tried to do something about it. You might have tried removing it yourself, only to experience the discomfort of razor bumps and cuts and the unwanted result of uneven levels of hair removal. Or perhaps you’re considering spending inordinate sums of money on spa treatments. 

Fuller Lips from KP Aesthetics Are Something to Smile About

If you think your lips look small and empty, you might think your whole face looks lifeless. If you don’t like the look of your lips, then you probably don’t think you have much to smile about.

Why Fat Freezing is the Coolest Weight Loss Method

If you’ve tried and failed to burn fat by exercising, it’s time for a new method of weight loss. Instead of burning, why not give freezing a try?

How to Prepare for a CoolSculpting Procedure: Tips for Successful Preparation

What is CoolSculpting? Here at KP Aesthetics, we offer fat freezing services in Delaware County and surrounding areas. Fat freezing is a science-backed procedure that uses CoolSculpting technology to deliver controlled cooling, effectively targeting fat cells that lie beneath the skin. Fat cells freeze at higher temperatures than the surrounding tissue, making the CoolSculpting procedure […]

Learn if Lip Filler is Right For You