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Getting Ready for An Autumn Wedding? It’s Time to Schedule CoolSculpting

If you’re thinking ahead, you can make some dramatic changes before fall arrives. Whether you gift the bride-to-be an early wedding present or pamper yourself in preparation for the nuptials, someone will be very happy. Full CoolSculpting results take some time to show because the body needs to process the frozen fat cells. After some time, the body will drain them to reveal a freshly sculpted treatment area. That means scheduling your CoolSculpting appointment should happen sometime soon, to give yourself enough time for optimal results.

Everything is in motion to look and feel like your best self. Your skincare regimen now includes laser skin resurfacing and various hydrating serums. You’re hitting the gym. Maybe you have a personal trainer helping guide you to your fitness goals. Don’t forget how healthy you’re eating these days. Still, the gym doesn’t always sculpt the areas you are targeting. And when you’re on a deadline, CoolSculpting can help.

If you’re considering fat-freezing technology to tone and tighten in time for the wedding, here’s why you should go for CoolSculpting Elite, instead of the legacy version.

Upgrade From CoolSculpting to CoolSculpting Elite for Better Results

Our bodies stop creating fat cells when we hit adulthood. If a person gains weight, the body stores the fat in the existing cells. As a result, the number of fat cells you have in the body never changes. However, with the help of treatments like CoolSculpting, you can eliminate them.

Also known as cold sculpting or fat freezing, CoolSculpting treatments put fat cells under a chilly attack. The extreme cold temperatures target resistant fat cells and “freeze them to death” through Cryolipolysis. Since the body no longer creates new fat cells, the cells removed during CoolSculpting are gone. They never return or regrow. Therefore, prospective patients invest in fat-freezing knowing the results last.

CoolSculpting Elite is an advanced version of the legacy body contouring technique. With Elite, you can target two areas simultaneously, seeing more dramatic tightening and toning results.

Why CoolSculpting Elite Works Better

Not only does the Elite version offer dual applicators to treat two spots with one session, but the sessions themselves are also more effective. Superior treatment area contact with the new handpieces means that more tissue receives cooling effects, and coverage is more even. When you consider CoolSculpting Elite vs CoolSculpting, results are seen faster with fewer body contouring appointments using Elite.

These new applicators are also redesigned to achieve a more comfortable fit. Sitting naturally along the curves of the treatment area, the new C-shape squeezes less than the original U-shape.

For Dramatic Results, Choose the Right CoolSculpting Provider

The person performing the body contouring treatment affects the experience and results. When trying to find a Cool Sculpting Elite provider, finding the most reputable provider is crucial. Read recent client testimonials and patient reviews when you look through the provider’s list. These are excellent resources that give you a detailed account of other experiences with the provider.

Before and after images are another excellent thing to look at when selecting your provider. The transformations give you a good idea of the fat reduction results possible with that person.

Ultimately, scheduling a free consultation is the best way to get an authentic feel for a provider and make the best decision. Looking around online can only provide so much. An actual visit to a provider’s facility gives you a firsthand look at their technology and staff. During a consultation with a reputable provider, you can discuss your body contouring goals with an expert treatment specialist. We are happy to create a custom treatment plan and offer upfront CoolSculpting Elite cost information so you can make an informed decision.

Target Where You Want to Sculpt

Although we can’t ditch our body fat like a poorly fitting piece of clothing, there is a quick and easy way to reduce those stubborn pockets of fat: CoolSculpting. The different CoolSculpting treatment areas allow for a dramatic fat reduction in notorious trouble zones.

After the Wedding: Does CoolSculpting Last?

The cooling process causes the fat cells to freeze and eventually die. Once the fat cells are dead, they no longer function and process out of the body. Those cells never re-expand or regrow. Once they leave the body, they never return.

Clinical research proves CoolSculpting Elite technology provides lasting and sustainable results. In one specific study from 2016, longitudinal analysis followed CoolSculpting patients who received a single treatment to their left flank (love handle) 9 years earlier. They concluded, “Local reductions in flank fat have significant longevity in these subjects and suggest that results from Cryolipolysis may be very long‐lasting.”

Maintaining CoolSculpting Results

While CoolSculpting Elite results in lasting fat reduction, you still want to make efforts to avoid weight gain. Yes, the process eliminates fat cells in the treatment area. However, existing fat cells surrounding the treatment area may still expand with weight gain. Plus, only some fat cells in the treatment area will be frozen. This means if you gain weight, the extra weight could obscure your results. But it also means that you can take steps to preserve and even optimize your results.

After your cooling sessions, the best way to protect your investment and prolong your fat reduction for good is to follow a healthy diet and exercise. Consider adopting good habits like avoiding sugar and processed foods and incorporating more plant-based protein. Also, commit to a regular and consistent workout routine to keep your body in tip-top shape.

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Body Contouring Before the Wedding: CoolSculpting Elite in Philadelphia

If you live in Philly and want to experience the safest, most effective fat reduction treatment using the new CoolSculpting Elite, contact KP Aesthetics. We are a leading body contouring provider in Newtown Square, serving patients in Newtown Square, West Chester, and Glen Mills areas. Call us at 484-420-4094 to schedule your consultation for body contouring.

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Kimberly Costalas, RN at KP Aesthetics.

Kimberly Costalas, RN

Nurse Injector for Cosmetic Medicine and Certified Coolsculpting Specialist
Kim has over 10 years of patient care experience and has been performing aesthetic services since 2011. She trained with the American Academy of Facial Esthetics and has had many private, one-on-one sessions and instruction from Merz Pharmaceutical. She has had extensive, individual training by Zeltiq (the maker of CoolSculpting) representatives and attended CoolSculpting University for further instruction.

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