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Stubborn Fat | Understanding Diet and Exercise Resistant Fat

Eliminating stubborn fat is not as simple as people think. It can be challenging to shed weight because our bodies are complex. There are several factors at play beyond “calories in, calories out.” Gender, genetics, and even hormones influence how and where our body collects weight. These factors also dictate how the body responds to diet and exercise.

Read on to understand stubborn fat better and learn how to eliminate those persistent fat cells for good with CoolSculpting.

The Biology of Body Shape

Genetics, gender, and hormones determine the number of fat cells in the body and where that stubborn fat tends to collect. Once we reach adulthood, the number of fat cells and their placement becomes fixed. Lifestyle factors like clean eating and a regular workout routine can influence how much fat is stored in those cells, but they cannot change the number of fat cells.

The body distributes more fat cells to the lower body for some women, mainly the lower stomach and thighs. This fat distribution helps prepare the female body for pregnancy.

For men, the body distributes more fat in the upper part of the body, like the chest, back, and belly. Not only does the body spread more fat to certain areas, but it also determines what fat cells resist diet and exercise.

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The Physiology of Stubborn Fat

Fat cells have two receptors, Alpha-2 and Beta-2. The Alpha-2 receptors tell cells to store fat for later use. The Beta-2 tells them to break down and release fat for immediate use. Fat cells either have more Alpha-2 or Beta-2 receptors. If the fat cell has more Alpha-2 receptors, it will resist diet and exercise. If it has more Beta-2, it will respond more efficiently to diet and exercise by burning fat faster.

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Unfortunately, the body areas with greater fat cell distribution tend to have fat cells with more Alpha-2 receptors. For these people, their body stores more fat cells in the stomach. These fat cells are predisposed to resist diet and exercise, making them manually harder to eliminate.

CoolSculpting Fat Reduction for Stubborn Bulges

Fat reduction treatments exist to make eliminating stubborn fat possible for people struggling to lose weight. CoolSculpting offers a safe, effective way to reduce fat deposits in problem areas like the lower abdomen and inner thighs.

Fat reduction treatments, like liposuction or CoolSculpting,  do not make the fat cells release fat. Instead, they remove the fat cells from the body. The procedure reduces the number of fat cells, leading to a drastic and noticeably more lean, slim physique.

Stubborn Fat Reduction Treatments Near Me

If you live in the Newtown Square area and want to learn more about the non-invasive fat reduction treatment CoolSculpting, contact KP Aesthetics. We provide patients easy treatments that eliminate stubborn fat deposits revealing a sexy, contoured body. Call us at 484-420-4094 to schedule a complimentary consultation to learn more or reach out to us online.

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