What is Botox? | Learn About the #1 Cosmetic Treatment

a handsome man getting facial treatment
a handsome man getting facial treatment

What is Botox? | Learn About the #1 Cosmetic Treatment

Most people in the world have heard of or know about Botox. For decades now, Botox has been on the market, and it remains the most popular anti-aging treatment in the world. So, what is Botox capable of? What can Botox do for you? Read on to learn answers to these frequently asked questions and learn all about this cosmetic injection treatment.

Botox Benefits

  •  Proven as safe and effective in 470+ studies
  •  #1 selling cosmetic injection treatment
  •  Only FDA-approved treatment to reduce crow’s feet and frown lines
  •  Quick, convenient treatments
  •  Long-lasting, natural-looking results
  •  No surgery or downtime

What Can Botox Be Used For?

Botox is primarily known for its incredible anti-aging capabilities. Millions of men and women utilize Botox injections to smooth away the signs of aging and rediscover rejuvenation. Botox is also an excellent preventative aging treatment for adults in their 20s. In addition, Botox is the most studied cosmetic treatment. Many studies have proven Botox to be effective for more than facial treatments. Botox has been clinically FDA-cleared for relieving chronic migraines, treating hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating), improving an overactive bladder, and improving a lazy eye or crossed eyes.

What is Botox Made of?

Botox is formulated from the neurotoxin called Botulinum Toxin A. When injected into the muscles under the skin, Botox injections work to relax the muscles temporarily. Repeated muscle movements for our facial expressions in daily life often led to the formation of wrinkles. As the underlying muscle contractions are stopped, the overlying skin has a chance to smooth and soften. Botox is a temporary treatment. After a few months, the botulinum toxin eventually breaks down and is absorbed by the body.

Is Botox Safe?

Botox was FDA-approved in 1989 and has since established an impressive safety profile. Patients can confidently choose Botox treatments as the most researched treatment of its kind. More than 470 clinical studies have been done on Botox to prove it is safe and effective. When injected by a skilled injector in low doses, Botox is safe and carries a low risk of adverse side effects. As with all cosmetic treatments, individual results will vary regarding Botox.* However, many ways ensure you’re getting the best out of Botox.

Get the Best Botox Results

Choose a reputable and honest Botox provider in your area. Botox treatments are technique sensitive. Only professional injection specialists can deliver safe, effective, and lasting Botox results. Shopping by price alone is not a guarantee you will experience great Botox results. Consider reviews, read client testimonials, and schedule a consultation as you search for providers. During a consultation, ask about the experience and skill of the person performing your Botox treatments. These are great ways to protect your Botox investment and get outstanding anti-aging results.

Botox Near Me | Newtown Square, PA

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Kimberly Costalas, RN at KP Aesthetics.

Kimberly Costalas, RN

Nurse Injector for Cosmetic Medicine and Certified Coolsculpting Specialist
Kim has over 10 years of patient care experience and has been performing aesthetic services since 2011. She trained with the American Academy of Facial Esthetics and has had many private, one-on-one sessions and instruction from Merz Pharmaceutical. She has had extensive, individual training by Zeltiq (the maker of CoolSculpting) representatives and attended CoolSculpting University for further instruction.

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