Coolsculpting – Precise and Quick Fat Reduction

Coolsculpting - Precise and Quick Fat Reduction

We all wish we could just shed our excess fat like a winter coat and show off our toned and fit figure hidden underneath. Although we can’t ditch our body fat like a poorly fitting piece of clothing, there is a quick and easy way to precisely reduce those stubborn pockets of fat: CoolSculpting.*

CoolSculpting is an advanced and highly effective fat-reduction procedure that uses extreme cold to eliminate fat. The applicator that delivers the cold provides precise fat targeting but also ensures that all surrounding tissue remains free from harm. Because the process is so gentle on the body, there is virtually no recovery time following the treatment.*

KP Aesthetics strives to offer safe and effective treatments. CoolSculpting provides precise and effective fat reduction in a safe manner that will leave your body looking slim and sexy.* Contact our office to schedule a consultation.

*Individual results may vary.

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