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CoolSculpting Applicators | Customized Fat Reduction

CoolSculpting reshaped the fat reduction business in 2010. The fat-freezing procedure provides a non-invasive alternative to resistant fat, accomplished without surgery and minimal to little downtime. CoolSculpting has only gotten better since 2010, with the launch of the CoolAdvantage range of CoolSculpting applicators. The protection and effectiveness of cooling away fat have improved much more with the addition of these seven recent well-regarded CoolSculpting applicators.

CoolSculpting Applicators | The CoolAdvantage Collection

Each one of the new CoolSculpting applicators provides distinct advantages for eradicating stubborn fat. The innovative and updated applicators freeze fat more efficiently for better results. They are also more commercially competitive, which in turn reduces CoolSculpting costs.

These state-of-the-art applicators are safer and less disruptive than the original applicators, leading to reduced post-treatment discomfort. Also, they freeze fat quicker, with most treatment periods as short as 35 minutes.

The CoolAdvantage Collection includes:

  • CoolMini™
  • CoolCurve Advantage™ PLUS
  • CoolCurve+ Advantage™
  • CoolPetite Advantage™
  • CoolFit Advantage™
  • CoolCore Advantage™ PLUS applicators

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CoolSculpting Applicators | In-Depth Look at the CoolAdvantage Line

CoolMini™ Applicator

The strong and adept CoolMini applicator helps vanquish double chins and neck fat, also known as submental fullness. While being one of the smallest in the line, the CoolMini produces excellent performance.

CoolCurve Advantage Plus™  

The great thing about the CoolCurve Advantage Plus™ applicator is how good it is at toning and modeling body sections that are curved. Treatment areas include back rolls and love handles. Not only is the process extremely successful, but it is also cost-efficient. Furthermore, there is less inflammation and post-treatment pain.

CoolFit Advantage™

The CoolFit Advantage™ applicator effectively eliminates fat deposits. Bulging fat cells located in parts of the inner thighs – such as the upper and bottom sections – are effectively frozen. Patients report greater convenience and reliability than with previous therapies, surgery, and other methods.

CoolPetite Advantage™

Upper arm fat is a common issue that the CoolPetite Advantage™ applicator can assist with. Zeltiq’s newest applicator is explicitly built to treat fat in the upper arms, ankles, back of the thighs, and other regions.

CoolCore Advantage™

The majority of us have problems with abdominal fat. Fortunately, the groundbreaking and modern CoolCore Advantage™ applicator will assist in the reduction of excessive belly fat and stomach fat. The CoolCore Advantage™ is one of the most successful applicators. Each session lasts 35 minutes.

CoolSculpting Provider Near Me

The innovative Coolsculpting applicators of today deliver excellent fat reduction outcomes.  So, schedule a free appointment with KP Aesthetics to hear more about this popular fat-freezing procedure and the new line of applicators. Our professional, certified Coolsculpting technicians will discuss more with you about this latest line of applicators. They’ll explain how they each help lower treatment expenses and make the treatment process more pleasant. Call us at 484-420-4094 to book yours right away.

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