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Lip Filler

Professional Lip Fillers and Lip Augmentation

At KP Aesthetics, we offer the very best lip filler injection services in the Chester County, PA and Delaware County, PA regions, including Malvern, West Chester, and Newtown Square, to help enhance your face, body, and skin. We are proud to offer lip filler injections in a private, boutique-like environment. Your procedure will be personalized just for you to ensure you are satisfied with the treatment. Your health, safety, and overall wellness are important to us — we have extensive training in all of our processes and regularly participate in continuing education initiatives to ensure the best results from your lip filler injection procedure.

The following is an overview of what a lip filler injection procedure entails.

Lip Augmentation is a medical cosmetic procedure that gives you plumper, fuller lips. Today, injectable dermal fillers are the best and most commonly used ways to augment the lips, but there are a number of dermal fillers that can be injected into the lips and the surrounding tissue near the mouth to produce the desired effect.

The most common fillers used today are products that contain similar substances to hyaluronic acid. A natural substance, Hyaluronic acid is found within the body and helps to increase volume in your lips. These versions of dermal fillers are sometimes called “hyaluronic acid fillers.”

Results of Lip Filler Injections

Lip fillers can improve the appearance of the lips by adding:

  • Volume
  • Shape
  • Structure

Typically, the effects last around six months. Beyond that, more injections will be required to maintain the volume of your lips.

There are several fillers used here at KP Aesthetics including :

  • Juvederm Vollure
  • Juvederm Bolella
  • Juvederm Ultra
  • Juvederm Ultra Plus

Each of these products is injected and offer similar results.

The benefits of lip filler injections are plentiful. Once injected, the gel material in the filler shapes and supports the tissues of the lips. The most notable benefits of lip filler injections include:

Lasting results. The results are not permanent, but they should last a great deal of time before requiring a new treatment. We typically quote around 6 months, but individual experiences may vary.

No bruising. Our skilled specialists ensure there is no bruising associated with the treatment.

Bumps can be dissolved quickly. Any bumps and lumps created by the movement of the lips can be easily dissolved.

Gradual pace of treatment. The injections can be given gradually during each appointment until the desired results are achieved.

Lip volume control. The amount of material injected can be carefully measured, so the doctor has much better control over the amount of lip volume that’s created.

Little to no risk of allergic reaction. Because the lip filler injection substance we use is composed of materials similar to those found within the body itself, an allergic reaction is unlikely.

At KP Aesthetics, we offer non-surgical and non-invasive cosmetic procedures, products, including lip filler injections to residents of Chester County, PA and Delaware County, PA communities, including Malvern, West Chester, and Newtown Square, to enhance your face, body, and skin. We are proud to offer our lip filler injection treatment in a private and comfortable environment. The treatment plan you choose will be personalized to help you achieve the look and feel that you need.

Your health, safety, and overall wellness are of the utmost importance to us. Our specialists are trained extensively and required to regularly participate in continued educational initiatives to ensure you leave our office with the best results possible.

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