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Medical Grade Facials Philadelphia

Age Management Resurfacing Facial

(90 Minutes)
Recognized as one of the most advanced approaches to unwanted signs of aging. The focus is to help diminish fine lines, lax skin, pigmentation and sun damage. High levels of Vitamins A, C, E, and growth factors feed the skins upper layers, promoting collagen, and elastin production, increasing hydration and generating healthy skin development. This treatment includes light peel and vortex microdermabrasion, as well as care of the neck, décolletage, hands and arms. Please do not use Retinol 24 hours prior to this treatment.

Vitamin- Infused Facial Peel Treatment

(60 Minutes)
This facial peel is a gentle enough for all skin types, yet offers targeted treatment for fine lines, acne breakout, hyper pigmentation, and dryness. Based on client’s skin condition choice of appropriate peel will be applied. Clients should avoid excessive heat and are advised to wear an SPF. Best results are achieved when done in a series of six. Please do not use Retinol 24 hours prior to this treatment.

Rosacea Facial/ Traditional Facial Treatment

(60 Minutes)
This gentle, non-irritating facial features a calming and restorative skin treatment for those individuals who experience redness, irritation and dryness. Using a combination of vitamins, antioxidants, and growth factors, this facial can begin to rebalance and restore the skins integrity. Products contain no artificial coloring or fragrance. Please do not use Retinol 24 hours prior to this treatment.

Vitamin C Revitalizing Facial

(60 Minutes)
This superb treatment restores radiance and infuses the skin with intensive Vitamin C peel to improve signs of sun damage. Poweful antioxidants help to re-establish the skins clarity and reduce damage done by time and elements. Skin can appear brighter, firmer, and more radiant. Please do not use Retinol 24 hours prior to this treatment.

Acne Purifying Facial

(60 Minutes)
This treatment is recommended for oily. contested, dull, or acneic skin. It will help to absorb excess oils while balancing oil production. This treatment includes comedone and milia extractions, as well as high frequency application to prevent bacteria from developing. This treatment is very popular among teens with active acne. Please do not use Retinol 24 hours prior to this treatment.

Mini Facial

(45 Minutes)
This “express” facial is perfect for releasing skin irritants caused by pollution, stress, and sun rays. Includes cleansing, application of steam, light exfoliation peel, mask, and massage.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

(45 Minutes)
Face and neck massage that promotes the movement of lymphatic fluids. Helps with treatment of acne, rosacea, non-inflammatory atopic dermatitis, as well as post-surgical edema and swelling.

Purifying Back Treatment

(45 Minutes)
This European style treatment includes deep pore cleansing, a deep skin exfoliation and extractions of impurities. Next, an application of treatment gel is used to smooth and detoxify. Finally, a Sebumasque is applied to sanitize and tighten pores. This treatment will re-mineralize and balance the skin, leaving a bright and supple clear complexion.


(15 Minutes- 60 Minutes)
Physical exfoliation removes micro thin top layer of epidermis and unwanted vellus hair also know as peach fuzz. This procedure promotes cell turn over resulting in smoother and brighter skin, as well as helping with absorption of skin care products. This can be done as an individual treatment, add-on, or combine with a facial peel for a deeper exfoliation.